Best Bridal Tips for Short Hair

When we begin the journey of choosing our look on our wedding day, hair plays a crucial part in this picture. Often we imagine ourselves looking completely different and work towards creating an image that is completely away from our usual character and style. If you have the confidence, that’s great - however in most cases a bride will want to look and feel as much like herself as possible. Simply making minor changes to complement the dress and enhance her features and style. This is a tricky one for ladies who have always worn their hair short. Many bridal blogs and magazines show beautiful images and styles but mainly for long hair. I work with so many brides who will grow their hair just for their wedding day but can’t wait to get it cut again so they can feel more like themselves again.

I always say to my brides, "Nearly everything can be achieved whether you have short hair or long hair!" I work a great deal with extensions and pieces, so if you are looking to just change your look and style for one day we can make this happen. Upstyles and down styles can be achieved very well with clip in hair pieces. Also, if your hair is below your ear we can do more with your styling than you think. If you can grow your hair to you jawbone, you have more choice when it comes to styling for the big day. Bobs look great on brides and we love that smooth sleek and simple style. Curling the hair can also add shape and create many different looks including bouncy curls, vintage waves and boho tussled waves. You can also consider a half up half down style and incorporate twists, rolls, plaiting, braiding and even a mini beehive.

If you have very short cropped hair and still would like to keep the hair like this for your wedding day, then why not! If you think about your complete style on the day, it is easier to imagine how your style will look. You may have quite a dramatic gown, therefore short and simple can often look wonderful. I have worked with brides who have kept their usual short style but then perhaps experimented more with make-up. A strong lip for instance and short cropped hair looks stunning and a smokey eye with short hair also looks great. I find sometimes having the hair short and neat and away from the face can highlight your features and bone structure so get your artist to emphasise this! 

Another great way a bride can work with short hair on her wedding day is to accessorise. Just because the hair is short it doesn’t mean you can’t wear anything in it. Short hair works great with slides, combs, flowers, headbands and hats so have fun trying these in the run up to the big day. Many veils also work with a shorter style so don’t think you should rule this out! I’ve seen so many brides wearing a 'birdcage' veil  with short hair and it looks amazing! If you want a long veil you can get great ones that sit around the crown of the head rather that suspended on a comb, this will guarantee it won’t fall out and will sit better on your hairstyle.

Remember that at the end of the day it is your day and you can design your day your way. The way you look and feel is no exception. Try as many options as possible when looking for accessories. Take pictures so you can make sure you are comfortable with your choices for your special day. If you have chosen to hire a professional for your styling on your wedding day, get as much advice from them as possible prior to meeting them. They are there to help and will often ask for pictures of you so they can share the creative process with you.

If you are worried about having a short hairstyle on your wedding day, just contact us and we can talk you through your range of styling options! 

Amanda (WHAM Artists)