Top 10 Bridal Hair Trends

I have been working in the bridal industry as a hair and makeup artist for 20 years, and I have seen loads of change and many trends come and go. At Wedding Hair and Make Up Artists we understand that a contemporary bride has more freedom when it comes to her look for her wedding day and everything has to be just right. She knows what she wants and has the confidence to create her own special style and image for her wedding day with hair styling playing an integral part in this process.

So it’s not always the case, but in most cases the first port of call is the bridal dress. Some brides will have known what they wanted for years (even before they got engaged!) However, for most this can be a daunting process with so many styles and types of dresses out there we are often overwhelmed with information and choice! The dress is a great place to start, now you can start to imagine how you will look and feel on your wedding day. Firstly, arrange to meet with your hairstylist. They will have lots of experience with designing hairstyles to suit various types of bridal gowns and they will offer advice on accessories and styles that will not only compliment the dress but make the most of your features too. This is a good time to try a few things and remember to take lots of pictures!

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle there is a great deal of choice out there but don’t feel pressured to feel you have to wear your hair a certain way because that might be what brides are wearing in magazines. At WHAM, we are a fan of both upstyles and down styles and feel both can look gorgeous on your wedding day. With that in mind I wanted to share with you some of the best hairstyles that are trending now and that are, in my opinion, an stunning choice for nearly every bride.

Classic Twist – it’s not necessarily the first choice these days for brides but it is an absolute classic and looks elegant and beautiful. A great option if you have a headpiece or are choosing to wear a hat.

Long Waves – this style currently trending again and is simply timeless. This style is great if you want to wear your hair down and are looking for a very soft style. I often get asked to do a vintage wave or as I call it a ‘Jessica Rabbit’ hairstyle, but lots of ladies like an even softer version of this classic style and rightly so as it looks beautiful. I nearly always add extra hair into this style as the more the better. Don’t be afraid of hair pieces they are a great way to get the style you want on your wedding day and they don’t have to cost the earth either. Shop around!

Top Knott –this has to be an another classic - but I still often get asked for this style and it always looks elegant. There are so many ways to do this style and each time it seems fresh and more interesting. The last one I did was very tussled and messy with pieces pulled down to give softness around the hairline. I have also done more of a twisted pieced top knot, which is it slightly more complicated and refined. This is a style that lengthens the face and can be made softer with looser pieces of hair worn around the face. A winner if your dress has a high neckline!

Cascades of Curls! – a very soft, beautiful style that adds volume to flat lifeless hair and is a great choice if you don’t want to wear your hair up (let’s face it - there are no rules and some ladies just want to wear it down!) I love this style worn with a flower crown. Very soft, simple and completely elegant!

Messy Bun -this style looks great on practically anyone. The bun can be central at the back or worn on the side. I love this style as it is so easy to accessorise.

Marcel Waves – a 1930’s vintage classic adored by brides choosing a bias cut down and opting for a Hollywood image for their wedding day. This style is very eye catching and will always turn heads. Most of the wonderful shape is created as flat to the head as possible so it doesn’t suit everyone. I would recommend you try this one before the big day or even ask your stylist is she can do a softer version of the style.

Horse Shoe Upstyle – describing this style is difficult, however it is super popular and looks exquisite. It is a very creative way of pinning up pieces of hair around the nape of the neck. Much less harsh than a bun and much more detailed. A real ‘wow’ hairstyle.

Beehive – I personally love this style (perhaps my favourite), it can be created to look either very authentic or as a messy, less 'done' version which looks really amazing!

Braiding – we will always really enjoy braiding and if you ask any hairstylist, I bet it’s a style they will never tire of creating as it looks incredible and even the simplest of braid can look stunning. There are so many different ways to braid including long flowing locks with intricate braids around the crown. This is just divine and understandably our number one hairstyle. Braiding into buns and up styles also looks fantastic too. A classic style, but there are lots of options and a few tricks to make them look fresh and modern. 

Not sure exactly what you are after on your wedding day? Get in touch and we will show you a range of options tailored to you, your outfit and your own personal style.

Amanda (WHAM Artists)